Entertainment Gazebo

Applecross Entertainment Gazebo (1 of 1)

The ultimate in outdoor Applecross poolside gazebo living is this recent project by Austin Development. A textured  rear screen wall with recessed flat screen TV and storage unit below with all the accessories. The colorbond roof and cedar lined ceiling creates the getaway for all family members all year round. The wall construction is timber

Offset Gable Patio

Offset Gable Patio

Sometimes patios are designed so they aren’t symmetrical or geometrically uniform which can give a very unique and modern feel. This patio design was developed to combat weather protection from the predominant south west  storms and wind and features a  longer flatter pitch roof side and then captures the winter light with the steeper side

Tiled Roof Gazebo

Tiled Roof Gazebo

Although a common style of roof covering, the tiled roof continues to be a most popular choice in modern architecture design for roof coverings throughout Australia. This roof covering along with the thatched roof gazebos form a large  part of the Aussie outdoor living movement in the tropical or Bali style theme. This can be attributed to its

Skillion Summer Living

Skillion Roof Summer Living

The Skillion patio or gazebo as it is commonly called are in vogue and flavour of the month. And we believe that this style, unlike other gazebo and Cabana types is here for the long road. The contemporary look with clean lines and rich finishes has made these Free Standing Patio structures more popular than ever and although very simple in design

Stained Sustainable timbers

Sustainable Sourced Timber (1 of 1)

Stained CCA or Treated pine as it is most often referred to in the market place provide a number of key benefits. It is seasoned and dressed ( timber dried with smooth finish ), treated for termites, and water rot, of planation source so sustainable  and best of all with the right stain can be finished to look like expensive hardwoods. This

Contemporary white ceiling lining

White Timber Lining

The choice between a steel or timber patio


The choice between a steel or timber patio these days has more than one difference and is not as simple as one is better than the other. In the 80’s timber pergolas were all the rage in design and outdoor living with no solid cover over just shade cloth , this led to the short lifespan and created a very strong view on timber for the future. Timber

Harmonising Outdoor Alfresco Areas

Floreat Alfresco and Cabana

We’re blessed in Western Australia with a beautifully consistent climate, which probably explains our love of the outdoors and the recent increasing demand for outdoor alfresco areas. Outdoor Alfresco Areas add a wealth of value to your backyard by harmonising the warmth and richness of the indoors with the fresh and lightness of the outdoors. Additionally,

Freestanding Skillion Patios & Cabanas

Floreat Skillion

Freestanding Patio structures have become extremely popular in residential homes around Perth. Whether you’re looking to create the perfect entertaining area or something a little lower key and relaxing, with some easy planning something so simple can transform your backyard. Freestanding Patios and stylish Skillion Cabanas as featured in this

Sophisticated Gabled Patios

Gabled patio

We all want to create a sophisticated outdoor living area that can be enjoyed by family and friends all year around but with harsh Australian weather conditions this can be somewhat difficult. This Gabled Patio is as simple a design as you can get. With a client brief to combat weather protection for the outdoor kitchen and ability to maintain natural