Cabanas are typically small huts or shade structures which are often built with thatched roofs. The perfect outdoor space when designed for use near pools, they commonly have frames made of wood, aluminum or steel with the preferred material greatly influenced by the cabana’s intended use, the style of house and landscape, budget and taste of the buyer.

Cabanas in Perth are typically pool side and free standing create a space separate to that of patios, pergolasalfrescos and verandahs. They link a relaxing, seating area to pools that offer protection from the harsh sun while interacting with others swimming or cooling off and or an area for retreat  to  escape  every day living whether in the garden or your own choice of oasis.

Roof coverings are very diverse from contemporary colorbond to the more cosmetic thatching and shingles to deliver the wow factor in the design or theme to which it creates.

Timber shingles being the most diverse and popular roof covering work in both tropical and contemporary settings while having a 15-20 year lifespan with little maintenance. Hard ironwood shingles are from Indonesia and have a diamond shape finish; they are lined internally with bamboo weave matting giving a soft tropical feel under the structure.

Cedar timber shingles however are a more contemporary look derived from a Canadian method of roof covering, these are locally machined and dressed giving more polished smooth finish compared to the rustic Canadian roof shingle.  The cedar shingle lends itself to its own internal and external finish without any other lining needed, therefore the cheapest of the two shingles and also having a 15-20 year easy maintenance lifespan.

Alang Alang grass thatching is the most natural type of roof covering available while also having the best insulation quality compared to any other roof covering.  This is a waterproof covering offering a 10 – 12 year lifespan that is maintenance free that is as traditional and as natural as it gets.

African Cape reed thatch is another natural roof covering which is also has a high insulative quality which is waterproof but not guaranteed and has a lifespan of 10 -12 years , with a tailored DIY installation design.

Colorbond and Tiles make up the last of the coverings with a maintenance free long lifetime guarantee which is appealing to most. Both of these are normally installed with some kind of internal lining to finish and dress up the inside of the structure but also are left visible through the roof frame for a more rustic look. These internal linings can enhance the desired theme to the area while the roof covering can be uniform and matching to those surrounding.

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