The choice between a steel or timber patio

The choice between a steel or timber patio these days has more than one difference and is not as simple as one is better than the other.

In the 80’s timber pergolas were all the rage in design and outdoor living with no solid cover over just shade cloth , this led to the short lifespan and created a very strong view on timber for the future.

Timber patios then became replaced with a lot of steel and aluminium patios as outdoor living and landscaping started becoming more popular.

With the elaboration of outdoor living and advanced detail the steel patio started to lose traction as other than practical use had not much more to offer with the more fancy timber framed designs and finishes, and not only that the sub quality steel and treatment of steel was unveiling.

As outdoor living now in 2010’s a focal point of the modern home the indoor outdoor contrast is less and less, leading this timber and all its rich colours it chunky character and warmth along with other textures, to the point where a lot of steel patio are now using timber claddings and linings to upgrade and enhance their finishes .

While steel is perceived to last a long time, timber treatments have improved to now outlast some steel products so the bottom line with choice between steel and timber comes down to visible finish or style, design and the associated budget for this.