The Skillion roofline is one of the leading Australian architectural trends of the 2010’s.

The term Skillion refers to a single  angular roof shape unlike the common gable or pitched hipped roof forms which are two or more roof faces joining at an apex or ridge line.

Skillions can be freestanding or fixed to an existing dwelling in a patio form.  This style of roof resolves a lot of drainage problems, is easier to install and in recent times the Skillion style has trended back into mainstream design.

It is not hard to see why, as the clean bold lines appeal to the minimalistic  and industrial architectural design of current building.

While they may not  be as practical of a roof design as something gabled or hipped the main attraction is exposing the ceiling lining or material making that the focal point.

These materials can be tongue and groove timber lining, ply shadow lining, gyprock, hardiflex – almost anything available on the market that satisfies preference.