Trendy Timber Linings

Austin Developments have found the Timber Lining market very strong at present with the demand for Timber Linings to be used more frequently in homes around Perth.

Timber featured ceilings add style and sophistication to the average outdoor setting. They bring the warmth of the home outside to create a beautiful living space that can be enjoyed all year round.

One of the more popular trends, pictured above, is the finished Red Cedar Timber Linings. The deep richness of the Red Timber featured ceilings adds an authentic homely feel to backyard living. Red Cedar Timber is an attractive option that can endure even the harshest of weather conditions whilst requiring low maintenance.

Another emerging trend is to install 180mm square posts as opposed to the more common 120mm square posts. 180mm square posts, as featured in this project, truly balance a large structure not to mention add extra depth to your Timber Ceiling.

If you’re looking to create a classy outdoor entertaining or living zone by adding Timber Linings then contact Austin Development today.