Wrap Around Timber Gazebo

Wrap around timber gazebo

Constructing the L shaped roof without a space consuming centre post was our second challenge on this project.

Like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, our client had a dream of a Bali style shingled timber gazebo to relax by the pool, but was confronted with some significant space challenges.

What made this particular project tricky was that we had plenty of length either side of the new swimming pool but not a lot of room width wise. The solution? An L-shaped structure.

Coming up with the concept of an L-shaped structure for this timber gazebo was the easy part. The structural proble however was the middle or internal corner pole which would have ended up right in the middle of the entertaining area, decreasing the usable floor space by half.

Another challenge requires another solution so this time removing the proposed centre post required a larger support beam across the front right of the structure. This supported the internal corner with sufficient structural integrity to remove the post and therefore making the end result look a lot bigger than actually is and even more importantly functional.

Wrap around timber gazebo

On this project we had plenty of length either side but not a lot of room width wise.

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